Our Approach

We invent technologies to benefit people and better the world.

We strive to benefit people and better the world with every decision that we make. From the design of our products, to how we interact with our community and the way in which we operate, all our actions thoughtfully move us to closer to reaching our goals.  

To guide us in this journey, we created six sustainability pillars that act as our measure of success in achieving our mission. The pillars are divided into two groups that focus on our most important stakeholders; the communities that we rely on and the environments in which we operate.  

1. Clean Inputs

Using preferred materials for positive outcomes  

Hemp Black is committed to using 'clean inputs' in our supply chain to create materials that have minimal impacts on people and the planet. We choose materials and chemicals that optimize how an item will feel and perform, while keeping in mind its impact on the surrounding community and environment.  

2. Honestly Sourced

A traceable and transparent supply chain  

We believe that every company should have a traceable and transparent supply chain they can stand by. At Hemp Black we value our commitment to our stakeholders who hold us accountable in each step of our process as we deliver services. We work hard to ensure that our partners are the best in the world and for the world.    

3. Commitment to Community

Nourishing our human ecosystem  

We see the community as our ecosystem; we depend on it to support, challenge and inspire us. Because of the value that our community offers, we believe it is only right for us to serve them, the same way they serve us.  


4. Waste Circularity

Creating a Closed System    

At Hemp Black we believe that there is no such thing as waste, only missed opportunity for innovation. We strive to design our products and systems to maintain the value of a material throughout its entire lifecycle.  


5. Water Conservation

Sustainability on Tap    

We understand the value and importance of water and always consider our impact on this vital resource with every decision. We strive to implement best practices to reduce consumption, remove contaminates, and restore quality.  


6. Carbon Zero

Neutralising our Carbon Footprint    

At Hemp Black we see commitment to climate action as a non-negotiable requirement. It is in our mission to benefit people and better the planet. Neutralising our carbon footprint is paramount to that promise.  

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