• China's Hemp Industry Boom

    China's Hemp Industry Boom

    Hemp is King in China The rise of the hemp industry in China was to be expected. After all, when the American Tobacco industry tanked, the sheer volume of Chinese smokers picked up the economic difference. The progression from Tobacco to Hemp is rather natural. The crops are farmed the same way, but hemp makes harvesting a little easier. So, what changed for China?...
  • Industrial Hemp Farming Act - Fall 2017

    Industrial Hemp Farming Act - Fall 2017

    The Industrial Hemp Farming Act to close up the legality gaps from the 2014 Farm Bill. While the 2014 Farm Bill brought hemp production back to America, it gave the DEA the ability to antagonize farmers and undermine hemp efforts. While the current Act is not perfect, efforts are being undertaken to get the Act close to an ideal form before passage. But, how...
  • Hemp For Victory

    Hemp For Victory

    What is Hemp for Victory? Hemp for Victory was the name of the World War II propaganda campaign to get states producing hemp for the war effort. But, hemp was placed under a strict Prohibition roughly five years before this effort began. It didn't matter as, between the Great Depression and the onset of World War II, the American military was running low on...
  • Cigarette Wars

    Cigarette Wars

    What is Cigarette Wars? 6 years ago, CNBC launched a one-hour documentary looking at the rapid changes facing the Tobacco Industry. Now in 2017, one of the documentary's stars is at the forefront of the Hemp Revolution. What inspired farmers to go from selling tobacco in emerging markets to helping to pioneer the rise of Industrial Hemp? Cigarette Wars spotlighted in an industry in...
  • Cacao Coconut Bars

    Cacao Coconut Bars

    If you'd like a sweet way to ingest our Full Spectrum Hemp Extracts, try mixing our tinctures with this mouth-watering Cacao Bar recipe! Ingredients 1 Cup Peanut Butter 2/3 Cup Honey 1/2 Cup Organic Coconut Oil 1 3/4 Cup Oatmeal, either quick or old fashioned 1 2/3 Cup Chocolate Chips or Raw Cacao Chips 1 tsp. Vanilla 2 Tb Walnuts, chopped 10 dropperfuls Spectrum...
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